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Crackdown on cocaine-fuelled football hooligans is long overdue

A CRACKDOWN on cocaine-fuelled football hooligans is long overdue.

Drugs are stoking a terrifying surge in violence at stadiums.

A crackdown on cocaine-fuelled football hooligans is long overdueCredit: Getty

The disgraceful rioting that marred last year’s Euro final at Wembley was fuelled by drugged-up thugs.

Fans have even been seen openly snorting Class-A substances in their seats.

The Government’s new blitz is a good first step but why limit the ban to just five years?

They should be refused entry to grounds for at least a decade, or even for life if they are pushers.

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It cannot be good for democracy that so much power is vested in the police

There can be no let up in the all-out war against drugs, the root cause of so much crime.

Shameless stunts like the one pulled off by Sadiq Khan last week are deplorable.

The London Mayor used a visit to a California cannabis farm to revive the prospect of decriminalisation.

What a message to send out to victims of soaring drug- related gang violence on the capital’s streets.

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We ­congratulate Rishi Sunak on giving Brits the bailout they badly needed

Shockingly, half of murders are now linked to illegal substances.

When drugs become a normal part of life for young people it often leads to tragedy.

Any moves towards legalisation are a sure route to disaster.

Peril of leftie lawyers

BORIS Johnson has revealed that the first Channel migrants have been told they are being sent to Rwanda.

This is a significant step towards the Government’s goal of taking back control of our borders.

The PM has revealed that the first Chanel migrants have been told they are being sent to RwandaCredit: Getty

It is also a vital move in destroying the criminal gangs who make millions from the misery of those prepared to risk their lives to come here.

But the Prime Minister knows his scheme will come under attack from left-wing lawyers.

These dinghy-chasing firms have made fortunes from taxpayers by dragging out asylum cases for years.

The Tories must stay strong in the face of this assault.

Laws to reform human rights are vital to regain the trust of voters.

Boris v the lawyers could be the defining battle for his government.

Raise a glass to Debs

DAME Deborah James’ defiance is astonishing.

Her moving reaction to the new honour was characteristic of her courage.

Deborah James receives her Damehood from Prince William - pictured with her husband and kidsCredit: Graham Prentice

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My partner is so lazy I have to leave money in loo roll holder, but it works

Despite feeling weak from cancer she intended “to slide in sideways when my time is up, with a massive smile, no regrets and a big glass of champagne”.

Cheers, Deborah.

You are a true inspiration.