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Kardashian fans have slammed Kim Kardashian for remarks she made to her sisters in a resurfaced Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip.

Kim, 41, and sisters Kourtney, 43, and Khloe, 37, were visiting Japan when the comments were made.

Kim Kardashian made 'judgmental' comments about sisters Kourtney and Khloe's outfits while the trio were visiting JapanCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Kim got honest with her sisters, telling them they look like 'clowns' in the throwback Keeping Up With the Kardashians clipCredit: E!

The clip starts with Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe relaxing in their hotel suite.

Kim comes in hot when she immediately says: "I gotta be real with you guys..." as Kourtney seems to brace for the worst.

"You look like f**king clowns," Kim continues.

"Oh...", says Khloe utterly shocked as Kourtney's grin morphs into a chuckle.



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The SKIMS founder presses on: "I'm not f**cking kidding. This is not like a tourist thing where it's like Halloween, dress up like a f**king Japanese geisha."

Kourtney attempts to defend herself when she says: "I thought my outfit was like fun for Japan".

The E! star responds: "You're outfit would have been like great if you didn't have f**king blue eye shadow."

Kourtney again tries to put a positive spin on her ensemble decision, saying: "I actually liked that we were all in sync".

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The mom of four snaps back: "... but [Khloe] was green and yellow... it was half yellow and half green, turquoise."

The clip cuts to a confessional, where Kourtney throws some shade of her own.

"You think I look like a clown? Well you look like you just won the Tour de France and you're cycling around town."

The KUWTK excerpt was posted to a popular Kardashians Reddit board.


Fans of the show rushed to the comments to give their opinions on Kim's harsh remarks.

One commented: "I do find it super annoying for Kim to be so judgmental about other peoples looks when I find so much of what she does to be tacky..."

Another fan wrote: "Right? She says it’s not Halloween and not a costume thing... Yet she has her bright pink hair…. When has she ever had pink hair?!"

A third agreed: "I was just going to say!! Also, Japan isn't anime fest Kimberly. Why would you have pink hair specifically for Japan."

Others were more focused on Kourtney's response to Kim's put downs.

"Kourtney's comeback gets me every time," commented one fan.

Another added: "the Tour de France had me crying."


This isn't the first time Kim has been taken to task about comments made to or about her sisters.

In another resurfaced clip from the series, Kim called sister Kourtney "unsexy" in a private conversation with Khloe.

The clip started with Kim highlighting Khloe's trim appearance as the younger sibling rocks a sports bra and leggings.

Kim asked: "How is your stomach so flat?" to which Khloe bashfully attempts to hide her stomach.

"You are such a freak!" yelled Kim in a repurposed insult turned compliment.

She then goes on to acknowledge: "This is the best shape you've ever been in."

An insecure Khloe can't accept the accolade as she replied, "I'm not there yet."

Kim replied: "Yes you are, you've been saying that for almost two years and I don't know how much closer you're going to get?"

Khole admitted that she still feels "uncomfortable".

Then out of left field, Kim comments: "Your belly button is tiny."

"Belly button?" questioned a caught-off guard Khloe.


Kim clarified: "That is like my pet peeve, mine is so big... yours is so good and small"

She then added: "You literally look amazing".

Khloe's shell started to visibly crack as Kim confessed: "I feel like our brand is known for being sexy and there is literally nothing sexy about me."

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Kim then goes on to throw unnecessary, albeit possibly un-purposeful, shade at her older sister.

She said: "Kourtney doesn't really bring the sexy I'm not gonna lie."

Kourtney laughed off the distasteful remarks made my sister KimCredit: E!
Khloe, mouth agape, in shock over what Kim thinks about her and sister Kourtney's outfitsCredit: E!

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