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I’m a fashion expert and women with big boobs always make the same mistakes with their clothes – it makes them look fat

IS YOUR cleavage touching your chin or boobs bursting through your shirt?

If yes, you are committing fashion crimes when it comes to big boobs.

The struggle is real for busty women trying the racer dress trendCredit: Buzzfeed

If you’ve been blessed with a buxom pair by all means show them off, after all if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em, but do it tastefully. 

Having your boobs falling out or squashed into clothes doesn’t look very sophisticated or stylish. 

Here, fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend lists the five mistakes she always spots big-busted women making and how the common fashion faux pas can make you look tacky or much bigger than you really are... 

1. 'Sexy' gaps

Women with a bigger chest often struggle to do up their buttons leaving gapsCredit: Getty

Ladies with big busts who wear too-tight shirts are left with gaping holes between each button.

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Bore off

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The window of opportunity may look like a small gap and sexy when stood in front of the mirror but when sat down the hole stretches not only to show a tight cleavage but natural tummy rolls too. 

It instantly makes you look bigger, even if you have a tiny waist under those gals!

To prevent this up a size or shop for clothes on websites with a “fuller bust” range, like Asos, that have designs for women with bigger breasts. 

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2. The corset trap

The corset trend is still riding high thanks to shows like Bridgerton, but ladies with a big chest can get the look all wrong.

The seams on the bottom of the cups are meant to go under your boobs - like a bra.

But big boobs can’t be caged into their small size and show underneath, this is all wrong and, to be frank, just looks tacky.

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3. The four boob look

'Four boob' is a very real risk for women with an ample chestCredit: Tik Tok/ symxsha

Any top or dress made from fabric with no give are a no-no. The fabric has no stretch and your boobs need room.

Sadly, they can’t be squashed back into your body so they have to go somewhere, up or down creating the “four boob” look, or in worst cases (pushed up and pushed down).  

Avoid fabrics with no stretch or look for styles that will complement your bust like a wrap style. 

4. Racer backs

It's easy to peak out the side of a skater dress if you've got a buxom chestCredit: Buzzfeed

Loved by the Kardashians and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, racer tops, bodies and dresses are unfortunately not for big busted women. 

You can't bra underneath as it will stick out either side of the cut-away design, naturally your boobs will try and escape where they can breathe and splurge out the side. 

This gives your silhouette a lumpy and bumpy outline.
If you’re drying to wear a racer, take tips from Kim Kardashian and get yourself some boob tape to securely hold them into place. 

5. Strapless bra faux pas

As soon as the sun comes out, so do the vest tops and boob tubes, along with strapless bras.

Slipping your spaghetti straps off the shoulder as soon as you hit the sunshine to avoid tan lines is all well and good but when you have an ill fitting bra, you get a shelf.

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The bottom of your boobs have zero support or lift but just sit on the underwire making the top of your chest look as though it's caving in.

Try Wonder Bras' ultimate strapless bra that has padding in the shape of hands inside the cups to hold your bust up and silicone on the straps to keep the bra in place all day.